Phoenix IT Group is an Information Technology Management (IT) and Business Process Services (BPS) company. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Delhi, India.

Phoenix IT Group designs, develops and implements custom IT projects as well as vertical, turn-key solutions. Phoenix IT Group Solutions also provides integration services to in-house IT departments. Phoenix IT Group mainly differentiates itself by committing on end-results and by being able to deliver a project on a fixed-priced approach where the budget, timeline and scope are pre-defined.

By focusing on high-productivity of the development team, the usage of agile development methodology as well as reutilization of standards and code templates, Phoenix IT Group demonstrates that a small but highly efficient team can be cost competitive and deliver large IT projects quicker and with better quality than a classical and larger development team using development centres located overseas.

In-House Products:

  • Edu Resource Planning (ERP) for Educational Institutes.
  • E-commerce Portal.
  • City Portal.
  • Live Chat System.


  • Business Process outsourcing, Data digitization (BPO).
  • Online Marketing and Advertisement.

Phoenix IT Group is organized into three distinct Business Units (BUs):

"It is certify that Phoenix IT Group as well as Mr. Jatin Garg CEO of the Phoenix IT Group and all his team members has visionary idea keeping the taste of the contemporary society in mind and renovated my website accordingly. Now, the has a new visualization and user friendly. I sincerely thank all the team members and encourage them to continue their task with the futuristic vision. "

Dr. Suresh Kumar Head of Department Department of African Studies Faculty of Social Sciences University of Delhi, India